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About Us

In 1958, Hush Puppies introduced the world to a new kind of footwear. Footwear that reflected the move from conservative uniformity to a more casual and relaxed way of life. The desire for comfort became the driving force for the brand, and is even how Hush Puppies got their name... “Barking dogs” being a slang term for tired feet, meant wearing their comfortable shoes was the solution to "hush your puppies".

This sentiment remains true today, as Hush Puppies continues to innovate and create footwear across the globe, designed for premium comfort and the pursuit of pleasure. Even more so here in New Zealand, where their easy-going footwear matches our largely easy-going lifestyle and attitude.

This alignment has seen this brand boom in New Zealand, so it was only natural that Hush Puppies NZ became a part of the country’s largest footwear retail group... including other iconic names in the industry, Number one Shoes and Hannahs.

Within this partnership, Hush Puppies has a globally recognised offering of fun, practical, and fashion-forward footwear to last you a lifetime. Shop the full range and feel the difference for yourself.